The explanatory guides in this section introduce you to the concepts used in Anbox Cloud and help you understand how things fit together.

About Anbox Cloud Learn about the differences between Anbox Cloud and the Anbox Cloud Appliance and about the components and architecture of the offering
About AMS Understand the Anbox Management Service (AMS), which handles all aspects of the application and container life cycle
About applications Learn about application requirements and the application bootstrap process
About the AAR Understand the Anbox Application Registry (AAR)
About containers Understand the different container types and the container life cycle
About security Understand the aspects that are important to keep your Anbox Cloud deployment secure
About clustering Learn about clustering
About performance Understand the aspects that are relevant for tuning the performance of Anbox Cloud
About capacity planning Learn how to estimate the required capacity for your Anbox Cloud deployment
About GPU support Understand which GPUs are supported and how they are used
About application streaming Learn about the architecture of the Streaming Stack and supported video codecs

Make sure to also check out the Tutorials for step-by-step instructions that help you get familiar with Anbox Cloud, the How-to guides for instructions on how to achieve specific goals when using Anbox Cloud and the Reference section for reference material.

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