Best practices for addons

When building addons, consider the following good practices.

Keep addons light

Addons are executed synchronously. This means that an addon that performs long-running operations (for example, downloading large files, installing packages on regular containers or querying unresponsive services) will delay when an application can start.

Use the CONTAINER_TYPE environment variable to run only the necessary code in your hooks.

Be careful when using global addons

Addons that are enabled for all applications can be useful, but they can add up quickly. Try to attach addons to individual applications unless you’re absolutely sure that you need a global addon and it won’t slow down containers.

Clean up your addons

If your addon needs additional tools and dependencies during its installation, make sure you remove them afterwards. This will make your addon lighter and all applications using it will start faster.

Last updated 1 year, 6 months ago.