The reference material in this section provides technical descriptions of Anbox Cloud and the related tools.

Provided images A list of official images that Anbox Cloud provides
Supported Android features An overview of Android features and which of them are supported by Anbox Cloud
Anbox Cloud SDKs An overview of the SDKs that Anbox Cloud provides to facilitate integrating and extending the solution
API reference Documentation for the APIs that Anbox Cloud provides
Instance types A list of predefined instance types
Anbox platforms A description of the supported Anbox platforms
WebRTC streamer Documentation of the WebRTC streamer configuration
Prometheus metrics Documentation of the performance metrics that Anbox Cloud provides
AMS configuration A list of AMS configuration options
Application manifest A list of the attributes that can be specified in the application manifest
Network ports A list of network ports that Anbox Cloud exposes for each service
Addons Documentation of the addon mechanism
Hooks Documentation of hooks for addons or applications
Performance benchmarks Benchmarks for the performance that you can achieve with different versions and configurations of Anbox Cloud
LXD documentation Link to the LXD documentation (external)
Glossary Terms and definitions you should know when working with Anbox Cloud or the Anbox Cloud Appliance

Make sure to also check out the Tutorials for step-by-step instructions that help you get familiar with Anbox Cloud, the How-to guides for instructions on how to achieve specific goals when using Anbox Cloud and the Explanation section for background information.

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