Anbox Streaming SDK

The Streaming Stack comes with

  • a Javascript SDK designed to help you get started with the development of a web based client. It handles all aspects of streaming, from the WebRTC protocol to handling controls, gamepads, speakers and screen resolutions.
  • a Native SDK offers a C API to provide full-featured video streaming that Javascript SDK provides but aims for a low latency to your application based on Anbox Cloud. The Native SDK is intended for C and C++ based application and currently supports Android and Linux.

You can find the SDK in the download page. The SDK comes bundled with examples to help you get started. They are located in the examples directory.

Feature Javascript SDK C++ SDK
Video streaming
Audio streaming
Microphone support
Dynamically changing Android foreground activity
Send commands to the Android container
Gamepad support
Camera support
Sensor support
Location support
Supported platforms All Linux, Android
Zero Copy rendering and decoding
Supported codecs VP8, H.264 VP8, H.264 (Android only)


This guide assumes you have deployed the Anbox Streaming Stack.

Working with the Anbox Stream Stack

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