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Scalable Android
in the cloud

Anbox Cloud lets you stream mobile apps securely, at any scale, to any device letting you focus on your apps. Run Android in system containers, not emulators, on AWS, OCI, Azure, GCP or your private cloud with ultra low streaming latency.

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Superior economics

  • High instance density
  • Full automated ops
  • Elastic scale out
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Support included

Works everywhere

  • Arm servers
  • x86 servers
  • Public, private, hybrid clouds
  • GPU support
  • Clients on all form factors

Batteries included

  • Fully managed options
  • First class technical support
  • Advanced streaming stack
  • Security patches
  • Consulting from Canonical

Virtual device infrastructure for Android

Unique cloud virtualisation technology, boundless possibilities for Android

Stream games to millions

  • Better unit economics owing to high instance density
  • Low latency and high frame rates
  • Support for Arm and x86
  • Adaptive to remote device's performance

Virtualise phones and tablets

  • Run virtual Android instances in the cloud
  • Client interface available as native or web application
  • Full sensor integration
  • Android communication stack enabled

Secure mobile apps

  • Delivery of on-premise mobile applications
  • Centrally-managed application security
  • Data privacy compliance
  • BYOD, CYOD, COPE, and COBO friendly

Automate app testing at scale

  • Emulate thousands of different Android devices
  • Simulate any test scenario
  • Flexible integration into CI/CD pipelines
  • Low cost due to high instance density

Do you have other use cases in mind for Android in the cloud with Anbox Cloud?

Leaning on a strong cloud ecosystem

NVIDIA T4 GPUs are now featured in second-generation Arm servers at cloud service providers, delivering significantly improved app-streams-per-server and lower cost per-user. Canonical's Anbox platform provides a complete solution to containerize mobile apps and works seamlessly with NVIDIA's Linux and Android software stacks. Together, Canonical and NVIDIA provide a scalable solution to virtualize mobile apps, and stream them securely to the growing population of 5G mobile devices.

Phil Eisler, VP Cloud Streaming at NVIDIA

It's no secret that TCO is a key driver of cloud provider decisions. And that's what gets Arm excited about the Android in the Cloud solution Ampere, Canonical and NETINT have developed. The Ampere Altra CPU packs 80 high-performance Neoverse N1 cores into a very power-efficient design that should deliver incredible TCO for Android in the Cloud use cases like cloud gaming, Android app development and IoT enablement to cloud providers.

Robbie Williamson, Arm Senior Director of Solutions Engineering

The combination of Ampere's Arm-based servers with a provisioned virtualisation solution like Canonical's Anbox Cloud delivers the flexible, high-performance and secure infrastructure that developers need in order to deliver a better user experience for consumers.

Jeff Wittich, SVP of Products at Ampere

As small, low-powered devices inundate our world, offloading applications to nearby cloud servers opens up a huge number of opportunities for efficiency, as well as new experiences. We're excited to support the Anbox Cloud team as they grow alongside the worldwide rollout of 5G.

Jacob Smith, Co-founder and CMO Packet (now Equinix Metal)

Canonical's inclusion of the Intel Visual Cloud Accelerator Card - Render as part of their newly launched Anbox Cloud solution will enable the delivery of enhanced cloud and mobile gaming experiences on Android devices, supporting an emerging industry opportunity today, and for the upcoming 5G era.

Lynn Comp, Vice President, Data Platforms Group and General manager of the Visual Cloud Division, Intel

Cloud Service Providers

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Run Android in the cloud with Anbox Cloud

Appliance Regular deployment Fully managed deployment
Ultra low latency streaming Yes Yes Yes
GPU Support NVIDIA, AMD, Intel NVIDIA, AMD, Intel NVIDIA, AMD, Intel
UI Yes Yes Yes
Android versions 10, 11, 12, 13 10, 11, 12, 13 10, 11, 12, 13
Security updates Yes Yes Yes
Community support Yes Yes Yes
High availability Yes Yes
Bug-fix and operational support Yes Yes
SLAs Yes
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Anbox Cloud is a platform which offers new ways to deliver mobile apps. You can test it out in the cloud in a few clicks!

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