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A node is a machine in the LXD cluster. Depending on whether it is running the management components of Anbox Cloud or streaming services, the node can serve multiple purposes such as a control node, worker node etc. The Anbox Management Service(AMS) hosts metadata that is necessary for its functioning on the nodes.

Possible node statuses

The following table lists the different statuses that a node can have depending on its state and what each status means:

Image status Description
created The node is successfully created and ready to be used.
initializing The status of the node when its corresponding LXD instance is currently being configured.
initialized The status of the node after its corresponding LXD instance is initialised.
online The node is available and can be used by the AMS.
offline The node is not available and cannot be used by the AMS.
deleted The node has been deleted and no longer available for use.
error The node cannot be used because of an error.
unknown A possible error occurred and the real state of the node cannot be determined.

If you encounter the error or the unknown status, file a bug.

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