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How to list instances

To get an overview of the running status of instances on an Anbox Cloud deployment, run the amc ls command:

|          ID          |  APPLICATION   |  TYPE   | STATUS  | NODE |    ADDRESS    |       ENDPOINTS        |
| bdpaqaqhmss611ruq6kg |     candy      | regular | running | lxd0 | |   |
|                      |                |         |         |      |               | |

This will list all instances with their status and additional information, for example, the LXD node in the cluster on which the instances are running.

Filter instances

amc ls accepts a --filter flag to filter and group instances.

The filter flag accepts a key-value pair as the filtering value. The following attributes are valid keys:

Name Value
app Application name or ID
type Type of the instance, possible values: “base”, “regular”
node Node on which the instance runs
status Instance status, possible values: “created”, “prepared”, “started”, “stopped”, “running”, “error”, “deleted”, “unknown”

To list all regular instances:

amc ls --filter type=regular

If you need to apply multiple filters, pass multiple flags:

amc ls --filter type=regular --filter node=lxd0

This will query all regular instances that are placed on the node with the name lxd0.

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