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How to list applications

To list all available applications, use the following command:

amc application ls

Filter applications

By default, amc application ls shows all applications. If you want to search for specific types of applications, e.g. only show a group of applications with a particular tag, you can use the --filter flag to filter and group applications.

The filter flag accepts a key-value pair as input for the filter. The following attributes are valid keys:

Name Value
instance-type Supported instance type. See Instance types for a list of available instance types. This attribute is deprecated since 1.20 and will be removed in future releases.
addons Comma-separated list of addons.
tag Application tag name (deprecated, use tags instead).
tags Comma-separated list of tags.
published “true” or “false” indicating whether the application is published.
immutable “true” or “false” indicating whether the application is changeable.
status Application status, possible values: error, unknown, initializing, ready, deleted

To list all applications with a tag called “game”:

amc application ls --filter tags=game

To apply multiple filters, pass multiple flags:

amc application ls --filter published=true --filter tags=game

This will query all published applications that have the tag “game”.

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