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The reference guides in this section provide additional information about using Anbox Cloud, release information, available configuration options, performance metrics and benchmarks.

Releases and versions

Learn about Anbox Cloud releases, release roadmap, supported product versions and component versions.

Guides Description
Release roadmap Information about general release cycle, currently supported version and future releases
Release notes Release notes for all versions of Anbox Cloud
Component versions Version information about different components of Anbox Cloud for each release
Supported versions Information about supported Anbox Cloud versions and professional support


Understand the difference aspects of using Anbox Cloud such as requirements, supported Android features, provided SDKs, images, APIs, available network ports for communication, extending Anbox Cloud through addons and hooks.

Guides Description
Requirements Hardware and software requirements to use Anbox Cloud
Provided images A list of official images that Anbox Cloud provides
Supported rendering resources A list of supported GPU vendors, drivers, platforms, APIs etc.
Supported video codecs A list of supported video codecs
Supported Android features Overview of Android features and which of them are supported by Anbox Cloud
API reference APIs that Anbox Cloud provides
Anbox Cloud SDKs Overview of the SDKs that Anbox Cloud provides to facilitate integrating and extending the solution
Network ports A list of network ports that Anbox Cloud exposes for each service
Addons Documentation of the addon mechanism
Hooks Documentation of hooks for addons or applications


Know the configuration options that can be defined for various components of Anbox Cloud.

Guides Description
AMS configuration Configuration options for Anbox Management Service (AMS)
Application manifest A list of attributes that can be specified in the application manifest
WebRTC streamer Configuration details for the WebRTC streamer


Learn about the available metrics and benchmarks for measuring performance.

Guides Description
Prometheus metrics Performance metrics that Anbox Cloud provides
Performance benchmarks Benchmarks for the performance that you can achieve with different versions and configurations of Anbox Cloud

Other related information

Guides Description
License information Information on where to find the licenses of components used by Anbox Cloud
Glossary Useful terminology for working with Anbox Cloud

Also check out the Tutorials for step-by-step instructions that help you get familiar with Anbox Cloud, the How-to guides for instructions on how to achieve specific goals when using Anbox Cloud and the Explanation section for background information.

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