How-to guides

The how-to guides in this section give directions on how to achieve your goals when configuring, managing or using Anbox Cloud.

How to install Anbox Cloud Instructions for deploying and configuring Anbox Cloud
How to install the Anbox Cloud Appliance Instructions for deploying and configuring the Anbox Cloud Appliance on a cloud platform
How to update your installation Instructions for updating Anbox Cloud or the Anbox Cloud Appliance
How to manage Anbox Cloud Instructions for managing and working with Anbox Cloud or the Anbox Cloud Appliance
How to manage applications Instructions for managing applications and the Anbox Application Registry (AAR)
How to port Android apps Instructions for porting Android apps for use in Anbox Cloud or the Anbox Cloud Appliance
How to work with containers Instructions for managing, configuring and working with containers
How to use addons Instructions and examples for creating and using addons
How to monitor Anbox Cloud Instructions for implementing a monitoring solution for Anbox Cloud
How to implement streaming Instructions for using the Streaming Stack to implement streaming features in your application
How to manage cluster nodes Instructions for distributing the load of your Anbox Cloud installation over several machines in a cluster
How to work with the Anbox runtime Instructions for working with the Anbox runtime
How to troubleshoot Anbox Cloud Answers to common questions and issues

Make sure to also check out the Tutorials for step-by-step instructions that help you get familiar with Anbox Cloud, as well as the Reference and Explanation sections for other helpful information.

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