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AMC command reference

The Anbox Management Client (AMC) is a command line utility offered by Anbox Cloud that interacts with the Anbox Management Service (AMS).

Use amc --help or amc <command> --help to display usage information for the tool and its commands. The following commands are available for use with amc:

Command Description
addon Manage addons
application Manage applications
benchmark Benchmark your Anbox Cloud deployment
completion Generate the auto completion script for the specified shell
config Manage AMS configuration
delete Delete an instance
exec Execute a command inside an instance
help Help for a command
image Manage images
info Provide information about connected AMS service
init Initialise an instance
launch Launch an instance
list List instances
logs View runtime logs of an instance
node Manage nodes
remote Interact with remote AMS daemons
shell Open a shell inside a running instance
show Display information about an instance
show-log Display a particular instance’s log file
start Start an existing instance
stop Stop a running instance
wait Wait for an instance to reach a specific condition


You can use the following options or flags with the amc utility:

Option Description
-h, --help Display help for the amc utility
-v, --version Display version of the AMS

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