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This section of our documentation helps you learn the installation process of the Anbox Cloud Appliance and go through the first steps of using Anbox Cloud. Our tutorials aim to make as few assumptions as possible and provide a learning experience as you begin using Anbox Cloud.

The following tutorials help you install the Anbox cloud Appliance and start using it either through the web dashboard or through the command line interface:

  1. Install the Anbox Cloud Appliance on a dedicated machine
  2. Get started with Anbox Cloud using the web dashboard
  3. Get started with Anbox Cloud using the command line interface

The following tutorials are optional and help you further explore features of Anbox Cloud:

  1. Set up a stream client
  2. Get started with AAOS
  3. Create an addon

Also check out the How-to guides for instructions on how to achieve specific goals when using Anbox Cloud, as well as the Reference and Explanation sections for other helpful information.

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