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Appliance command reference

The anbox-cloud-appliance is a command line client to manage the appliance and its components.

Use anbox-cloud-appliance --help or anbox-cloud-appliance <command> --help to display usage information for the tool and its commands.

The following commands are available for the anbox-cloud-appliance tool:

Command Description
ams Manage access to the Anbox Management Service (AMS)
dashboard Manage the web dashboard of appliance
destroy Destroy the appliance
gateway Manage the appliance stream gateway
help Help about the anbox-cloud-appliance tool
init Initialise the appliance
status Display the current status and version of the appliance
upgrade Upgrade the appliance to a newer version

If you encounter an issue and want to collect debugging information from the appliance, use anbox-cloud-appliance.buginfo.

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