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Create an addon

To create or update an addon, you need a specific file structure for the directory containing your addon files. In the directory where you created your addon files, also create the following:

  • A file named manifest.yaml. See Addon manifest to learn about valid keys in an addon manifest file.
  • A directory named hooks. This directory must contain at least one executable file with a valid hook name.

Other files in the addon directory are bundled with the addon. They can be accessed in a hook by using the $ADDON_DIR environment variable.

For example:

cat "$ADDON_DIR"/public_key.pem >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

To create an addon, you must provide the Anbox Management Client (AMC) with either of the following:

  • The addon directory
  • A tarball containing the required addon file structure
  • A zip archive containing the required addon file structure

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