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How to migrate from previous addon versions

Starting with Anbox Cloud 1.12, use the following new hooks instead of the deprecated ones:

  • Use pre-start instead of install
  • Use pre-start instead of restore
  • Use post-start instead of prepare
  • Use post-stop instead of backup

The new hooks run for all types of instances (containers and virtual machines). To execute a hook only for a regular or a base instance, use the INSTANCE_TYPE environment variable. This variable is set to either base or regular.

For example, if you want to execute a hook only when your application is bootstrapped, you can do the following:

if [ "$INSTANCE_TYPE" = "regular" ]; then
  exit 0

# Rest of the code for your addon

Copying your existing addons without modifications might have unintended side effects, because your hooks will run for every instance.

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